Sunday, January 1, 2012


This is a piece I started on before the Holidays and just "finished" up this evening. He is a hunter from the upper paleolithic Levant. This is the second iteration of this guy as I screwed up his predecessor and had to scrap it. I'm much happier with the finished product here. What I have been exploring in my sketing and here in this finished wash is developing visual culture for paleolithic peoples where no archaeological visability exists. There is a considerable amount of freedom in this, however I do impose some rules on myself when fleshing these guys out. Namely, there has to be precedent to what I am doing, in that, there has to be some paleoanthropological clues from specific locations/times to serve as a starting point to my imaginings, some clues in the science as to how things may have looked, felt, whatever, 40+ thousand years ago.

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  1. What fun using the same proportions and poses as the Paleo-folk did in their art. Stylish.